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7 Sagittarius Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…

The Sagittarius is an energetic and adventurous sign with many interesting traits that make them unique. And to shed some light on these enthusiastic creatures today I’m revealing seven very telling facts about the Sagittarius that perfectly explains their overall personality!

FACT #1: Sagittarians are truth tellers who have no time for bullshit.

The Sagittarian is one of of those very rare personalities that will always tell it like they see it even if it aint pretty. If you can’t handle the cold hard truth then you should probably avoid them because their honesty can be downright brutal at times.

Sagittarius Crave Truth

Their blunt and direct language can sometimes offend more sensitive souls but at least you always know exactly where you stand with them.

FACT #2: Sagittarius is an independent soul and a total freedom-junkie.

Sagittarius is a huge freedom seeker by nature. They have an innate fear of falling into a situation where they lose their independence and control. This can sometimes make them wary of commitment and they’ll also run FAST at the first sign of clingy personality.

Freedom Outdoors

They can’t stand it when people try to restrict them or change their way of thinking. And they can’t STAND pointless rules being enforced upon them for no reason. For them to remain at their happiest they need to feel free.

FACT #3: Sagittarius can have extreme ups and downs.

When Sagittarius is at their peak they’re a freaking rockstar. Everything in their life will be operating like a well oiled machine and they’ll find themselves winning at everything without even trying. But when they’re having a bad day… boy, can it be rough.

Ranting And Raving

Sometimes they get hit with a day where it seems like everything that can go wrong, does. And the fact that they have a rather short patience for things like delays, stupidity and incompetence means they can work themselves into a state of total and utter frustration where they end up lashing out at people. Sometimes they need to just relax, take a deep breath, and chill out.

FACT #4: Sagittarius has a sharp wit and a dark sense of humor.

The Sag is lightning quick on their feet and their mind is able to race to tangents that both amuse and amaze those around them. If someone just yelled a witty-as-hell comeback without even hesitating then it was probably a Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Is Witty

They have a rather twisted sense of humor and can find amusement in even the darkest of places. Their intelligence can intimidate some but for their friends and loved ones it’s one of the best things about them!

FACT #5: Sagittarius is a master at reading body language.

The Sagittarius can learn everything that they need to know about someone by simply reading their body language. They have a natural instinct for detecting when someone is lying and often they can get a read on a person within seconds of meeting them.

Serious Body Language

If you’re thinking about trying to deceive the Sagittarius then you may want to pick a more gullible victim. They’re much too clever and aware to fall for your mind games.

FACT #6: Sagittarius hates to burden others with their problems.

Being independent is one thing but the Sagittarius can sometimes take self-reliance to a whole new level. They hate feeling like they might be a nuisance or wasting someone’s time and they’ll only really call out for help if it’s some kind of total emergency. Anything short of that, they’ve got it covered.

Alone With Thoughts

They just hate to burden other people with their problems and figure that everyone else has got their own issues to deal with anyway. Plus, they don’t really like owing people favors which they will be expected to pay back at some later date.

FACT #7: Sagittarius is an eternal optimist who seizes the day and dares to dream big.

One thing is for sure: you wont catch a Sagittarian sulking around the house all day feeling sorry for themselves. Sure they have their off-days, but overall they’re eternal optimists who see see no point in dwelling over negativity. Instead, they’re too busy looking around the next corner in life and plotting their next win.

Dreaming Big And Aiming High

These people set the bar high when it comes to their goals and expectations. They see little point in half-assing things so when they do something they play to win. They are “can-do” people who have a contagious optimism and no time for constant naysayers who just want to spew toxic negativity. Instead, the Sag gets shit done!

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Have you ever noticed that some Sagittarians manage always be at the top of their game whilst others feel like they are constantly struggling to keep it all together? If you don’t understand this thing then you may be wasting all of your natural inner skills and abilities in a way that’s almost criminal!

Whilst all Sagittarians are born under the same sign, not all of them get taught to truly harness their inner abilities. Simply put, if you don’t know about this simple technique then you’ll always be at a serious disadvantage!

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